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The Team

Nicolas Duvoux – Editor in Chief

Professor of sociology at Paris VIII University, researcher at CRESPPA-LabToP, Nicolas Duvoux is a specialist in issues of social solidarity, poverty and philanthropy. He is the author of several books including Social inequalities, Paris, PUF, “Que-sais-je?”, 2017; The forgotten ones of the American dream. Philanthropy, State and Urban Poverty in the United States, Paris, PUF, 2015 or The New Age of Solidarity. Poverty, precariousness and public policies, Paris, The Republic of Ideas / Le Seuil, 2012 as well as numerous articles and interventions in the press. He has been Visiting Scholar at Harvard University (2012-2013) and guest lecturer in many countries (Russia, Lithuania, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.) and academic institutions. In addition to his teaching and research activities, he is a collection director at Presses Universitaires de France and editor-in-chief of Vie des idé Finally, he participates regularly in public policy evaluation activities. After having been a member of the Evaluation Committee of Active Solidarity Income (2009-2011), he became a member of the University College of the National Observatory of Poverty and Social Exclusion (since 2014) and is, for this reason, president of the monitoring and evaluation committee of the Support Fund for Integration Policies with the Ministry of Solidarity (2018-2021).

Anne Monier - Editor

Alumna of the Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines, agrégée, Anne Monier is a Ph.D in social sciences, a postdoctoral fellow at CRESPPA/LabTop and affiliate to the Maurice Halbwachs Center (EHESS / ENS / CNRS). Her research themes are at the crossroads between philanthropy studies and State transformations, international relations and transnational studies, elite sociology as well as cultural policies. Her dissertation, under the supervision of Michel Offerlé, focused on “Transnational philanthropic mobilizations: the ’American Friends’ of French cultural institutions” and is going to be published in 2019. She has also published several articles and book chapters on these topics, including the Socio-Economic Review, Genèses, Politix. She has been a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (2011-2013), New York University (2013), and Harvard University (2014-2015)

Remi Guillem - Editor

Recently graduated from the Sciences Po Urban School (Governing the Large Metropolis), Rémi Guillem joined the Philanthropy and Social Sciences Program in March 2020. He will join the CRESPPA/LabTop as a PhD student in September 2020. His dissertation, co directed by M. Nicolas Duvoux (CRESPPA/ LabTop) and Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier (CSO, Sciences Po) aims at comparing philanthropic ecosystems’ contribution to urban farming growth in Paris and Detroit, Michigan. Vergers Urbains, a community association specialized in developing innovative urban farming projects in Paris since 2013, partners the PhD project through a CIFRE fellowship.

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