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The Project


Mission of the project

For twenty years, the philanthropic sector is experiencing rapid growth in France, as well as facing important social and political changes. At the same time, research on philanthropy has significantly developed. Now is a key moment to disseminate existing research, to federate researchers and structure scholarship in social sciences in France on philanthropy, as well as stimulate the interest of researchers, but also of students, at different institutions, around this key topic - philanthropy.

This project has 3 main goals:
• Structuring the field and disseminating recent French work internationally
• Contributing to the development of empirical research on philanthropy
• Participating in the dissemination of this knowledge to actors in the sector and in the public space.

Originality of the project

If there are already some research centers on philanthropy, our project differs in several ways:
• By the importance given to the transdisciplinary dimension of research on philanthropy, as a multidimensional topic that allows to cross questions proper to history, political science, sociology, economics, anthropology.
• By the conceptual and methodological instruments used, which are in line with the research carried out in the French university nd the CNRS
• Through the role given to the question of the links between private and public actors in actions of general interest.
The project is thus in a fruitful complementarity with the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, with whom we have fruitful exchanges.

Network and partners

The project is conceived as a real interface that aims to encourage cross-fertilization discussions between industry players and researchers. In this sense, the project is supported by institutional partners, who play an important role in this shared thinking on the issue of philanthropy. The project is intended to create links, to federate and to exchange, in a network of people, in order to make visible the research in human and social sciences on philanthropy, as well as to reinforce and diffuse this scholarship to the actors of the sector and in the public space in France and internationally.

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